Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Today Looked Like

This morning we started out with our classes at Trinity. In drama the class is really coming along and we will be performing 4 Christian skits in about a week.Grace really loves performing and is learning more as each day passes. In our handicrafts class we finished making our angel. Once we got home we moved right in to our school work. We had 8 of our 12 workboxes filled today. Here are some of the items we accomplished today:

History - started a new book about Ben Franklin, read one chapter and she did a written narration.
Science- read the next chapter in The Search for the Missing Bones. This chapter was about the bones in our feet. Grace did a worksheet labeling a skeleton.
Grammar- Went over run on sentences.
Reading- read 30 minutes of a book of her choice.
Math - went over one page of math that she missed a few problems on then did another page of mostly addition and subtraction with large numbers. We should be moving on to multiplication and division next week.
Spelling - continued working on wk 14 word list and sentences. This is a eash list so not very challenging.
Spelling Blaster Game
Went on Kidzui and played a geography game to pick out all the states.
Bible - read about Nehemiah and will finish tomorrow.
P.E. - Grace and hubby went to play Tennis again. That is three times this week.

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