Thursday, September 24, 2009

It Went So Fast

Today that is. Alot was accomplished today. This morning we woke up and went to Trinity for Drama and Handicrafts. Didn't go to choir today because the group went to sing at a nursing home and Grace doesn't know the music yet she has only gone to one class. In drama we got our schedule for practices for Willy Wonka. All I can say is the next three months before performance are going to be hectic. Oh, I forgot to mention I started a diet today. I have gained 11 pounds in the past year and can't fit in to any of my clothes. All things considered I didn't feel too deprived. After lunch we did our own school work for the day. History, Math, Bible, Spelling, Creative Writing, Art, and Literature. After dinner we headed to my mother's house and we all went on a walk with our dogs. Hung out there for a while and then back to our house. Over the summer Grace had read the Illustrated Classics version of Little Women and just loved it. So for a treat, tonight we watched the 1994 version and she really liked it. Still was upset that Beth had to die. She thought maybe she wouldn't in the movie version. Tomorrow proves to be another busy day.

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