Thursday, September 3, 2009

Auditions and Meetings

Not much bookwork today. Trinity was this morning with our regular drama class and handicrafts class. In drama we are working on short Christian skits to perform on the 22nd. After classes were over we held auditions for Willy Wonka. I am only a helper in the class but they wanted me to sit in on all the auditions. We auditioned about 15 kids. They were all nervous but did a good job. The kids were to come in with their top three choices of the parts they wished to play. Grace's were Veruca, the reporter, and Mrs. Gloop. She was very happy when she found out she got Veruca's part. Much practice in our future. We got home from auditions about 4:00 and headed to my parents for dinner at 5:00. At the last minute I remembered we had a meeting at 7:00 for our homeschool support group. I am on the board, so it is not like I can miss it. Back to the books tomorrow.

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