Sunday, May 20, 2012

Very Busy Weekend

Saturday morning we walked with the Jazzercise float in the 50th annual Mountain Laurel Parade. This was the biggest parade our little town has seen in a while. I would estimate between 30-40 organizations were in the parade consisting of motorcycles, cars, floats, horses, and trick cars. It was alot of waiting around (1 hour in the sun) for a short walk through our town square. But it was fun and both me and Grace receive 5 attendance points each to reach toward our goal of getting a free t-shirt from Jazzercise for attending 150 classes in a calendar year.
Acts of Faith performed for the last time this year at an outdoor venue on Saturday night. Then tonight we had a cookout at one of the members homes. This group is very close and loves spending time together. We all had alot of fun this weekend but there was also some sadness. Two of our members will be leaving the group with one transferring to a college in another sate and one moving with her family. Of course we have another group celebration scheduled on Wednesday.

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