Friday, May 25, 2012

Notgrass Review - Olympics Unit

Sports & PE (Ages 7-12)   
About 6-8 weeks ago I made a purchase from the Notgrass company that I was very happy with, A Record of Learning Lifestyle Journal. I contact the company to let them know I would really like to review some of their products on my blog. Within 1-2 days I was contacted and they graciously emailed me the Olympic Games Ebook. The ebook contains 40 lessons about Olympic history and events of the summer and winter games. I would say the age recommendation is right on the money. Grace is 12 and the puzzles, etc. seemed a little easy and young for her, but the text was informative and she learned alot. I would say her favorite parts were learning about the different events and the host cities. We live close to Atlanta which was a former host city of the Olympics. This opened up many discussions about how the city is picked, etc. Also I was able to point out the Georgia Tech dorms that were once part of the Olympic Village on our last trip down to the home school convention. As a family we had also visited Centennial Olympic Park but Grace didn't realize until the unit that it was also built for the Olympic games in Atlanta. This would be a great unit to familiarize students with the Olympic history for the upcoming games in London. You can purchase this as an ebook ($4.95) or print ($9.95) from

*The Notgrass company graciously sent me this free ebook for my humble opinion.

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