Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Biggest Loser

Grace has become obsessed with watching past seasons of Biggest Loser on Netflix. I was hoping it would inspire her a little to add more exercise and better eating habits, but so far that has not occurred. But the episodes that I have watched have really inspired me. As I have mentioned before both me and Grace attend Jazzercise classes three times a week. For the longest time that was really all I could work into my schedule and my health was not the best either. But now that we figured out I was anemic and have brought my blood count back up I feel really good. So last week I decided we would add at least two more exercise days to the regimen. Those two days would consist of walking/jogging in our neighborhood. Of course I make Grace go as well. With school being finished I feel we can really accomplish some good work with our bodies and health throughout the summer. Grace's birthday is coming up and I know she would really love to get a wii. If the money materializes I just might do it and get the wii fit plus with the Biggest Loser games. She would be so surprised.

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Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

My daughter and I have been working out five days a week. It's been great. I've wanted to make that move for years...yes, I did say years...*sigh*...anyway, I'm thrilled that we've been sticking to it and I feel great. I'm trying to be a good influence. :)