Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update Time

Lots going on at the moment with not alot of time to blog.
  • Exercise - Today finished the first week of Couch to 5k. First two days of running not to bad but this morning was not fun. Pain in my calves and shins. Next week I will probably repeat week one of 5 minutes walk  then 60 seconds run/ 90 seconds walk. No jazzercise this week because of holiday on Monday and doctor visit on Wednesday. Hoping to go in the morning as along as shins and calves are better. Not sure if the Jazzercise challenge will work with the Couch to 5k challenge, it would mean exercise 7 days a week and not sure if this 45 year old body can take that, but I am going to try. Grace is participating right along beside me and no problems to report on her part. be young.
  • Health - Took my mom to her three month appt yesterday for cancer screening. The week before she did bloodwork and a petscan. Petscan shows brightly lit up nodules in the lungs (metathesized from thyroid cancer). This means probably within the year she will require some type of treatment. This is like our 12th year of living with thyroid cancer with no treatments for the past two years.
  • Drama - Gearing up for performances next week of The Jungle Book. One regular practice tomorrow then Monday - Thursday will be 10 - 3 each day with performances on Thursday and Friday night. Looking forward to some down time. Pray for us, we are no where close to performance ready.
  • School - School has been out for us for a couple of weeks. Still lots of activities and discussion going on. For the summer I want her to do a daily devotion, read for 30 minutes, do some creative for 30 minutes and something physical for 30 minutes. If I can get her to accomplish this each day I will feel good about the summer break.
Some upcoming activities are : drama performance with a one week drama camp, volunteering for two weeks of art camps, and lots of exercise.


Stephanie G. said...

I'm in the process of Couch to 5K as well! I'm on week nine though...and will probably repeat it. My mom, who turned 51 in March and has never run a day in her life, decided to do it too and she's doing great, alternating it with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. We're running a race togther in August! Thanks for stopping by blog!

Fran said...

You have been busy and I do admire you with your running. One of the girls I work with is doing the same programme. Will you get tv coverage of te Queen's Jubilee celebrations this weekend? Our village has turned red, white and blue in preparation and has a whole host of events for four days xxx

Unknown said...

We don't have cable or satellite TV so won't be watching the Queen's Jubilee but Grace did just read an article about it in one of her magazines. Quite amazing that Queen Elizabeth has reigned for that long.