Monday, May 7, 2012

My New Favorite Company

Notgrass is my new favorite company to purchase curriculum. I actually discovered them before the convention when I purchased a Lifestyle Learning Journal to record our somewhat unschooling activities. I also contact the company about how much I loved their products and asked if they were every in need of a product to be reviewed that I was their girl. Just a day later they sent me a link to download a new Olympic Unit. A review will be ready in about three more weeks. At the convention I got to lay my eyes on their history programs, and I must say, that I just love them. I purchased the second half of America the Beautiful because as Grace has told me many times we have studied the Revolution and Colonial Times to death. The second book deals with more modern times in American History. I promise to do a review of this product sometime during the next school year. We will not be starting it until July.

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