Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Lamplighter

Lamplighter Publishing is a wonderful company with so many books and audio theatre cds, sometimes it is just impossible to pick which to purchase. I fell in love with Lamplighter books three years ago at our state convention. I knew I only had enough money to purchase one book and one audio drama cd. Boy, it was hard. Well recently Lamplighter has started a program that makes choosing so much easier. My Lamplighter Book Club has three different monthly plan for any amount of money you wish to spend. I have started with the lowest plan where I will receive one book a month for $20.00 This means I will receive 12 books in a year which will help greatly in enlarging my endeavor of a lending library with quality literature. Other plans include: 2 books for $36, 3 books for $51, and 4 books for $64. The other great part of this is the fact that you have a your own queue (just like Netflix) to fill with the books or audio dramas you wish to receive throughout the year. Also you can pick which day of the month to receive and pay for the monthly book/cd. I received my first book right on time last month. Each book and cd is a family treasure to hand down to each generation. I encourage you to visit to find out more information.

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