Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Local Electric Cooperative Field Trip

This field trip was held at our local electric cooperative, most of the kids present were alot younger than Grace but I still learned alot. One of our homeschool dads is an electrical engineer and was able to set up this field trip for the group. First we went outside to see two linemen that had thirty years experience. Demonstrations were held where a hot dog and chicken were fried. Lots of talk about safety and wires that might be on the ground.
I think the most impressive part was visiting the dispatch office and seeing a electrical outage call in action. Here he also answered alot of our questions. The cooperative sent each child home with a nice goody bag. The poster below of the squirrel had me chuckling.

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Fran said...

Sorry I haven't been able to comment for a while but I have been following and enjoying all your posts. This sounds like a really interesting trip and great fun. I can remember taking my boys round a nuclear power station and them asking lots of questions. The other people in the tour later thanked the boys as they said that the tour guide had answered the boys' questions in language that they (as adults)could understand for a change!!!!