Sunday, May 13, 2012

Great E-book to Read

Glenn Beck's company Mercury Ink has just released the the first episode of the book Wrath and Righteousness from Chris Stewart. I believe it will be a 10 episode book with one installment being released at a time. I just finished the first 126 pages and thought it was great. If you were a fan of the Left Behind series then you will probably enjoy this also. The battle between good and evil. Subscribers to Glenn Beck can download for free otherwise I believe it is $2.95 per episode. Go to to check it out.

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LJS said...

I found your blog through Karen's: Homeschool Girls. I was listening to Glen Beck's XM radio program when he interviewed the author of this series and explained how he bought the rights to have it published. I am at the part where the Iranian mother dies after childbirth. I am completely captivated. I did not read the Left Behind series but I imaging I will be reading this entire series!