Sunday, January 2, 2011

When It Rains It Pours

One of the running jokes around this house and with our family is the fact that our son Travis can't keep a car longer than a few months. For the past 3 years he has owned three different BMWs and the same Miata twice. All of these have been used cars. The Miata was purchased once then sold to another individual then traded back for a BMW he had purchased. All the BMWs have had problems and the last one died with a cracked head about 5 weeks ago. We have been playing musical cars since that time, and also borrowing one of my parents cars to fill in some gaps. Travis had finally decided to purchase a newer car that would be reliable and have low mileage. Finally found what he wanted at a dealership two hours away, went to look at it, liked it and bought it on New Year's Eve. Driving home that night he noticed the headlights flickering on and off and the dashboard lights. It has continued and he has done some research on the Jeep Commander and found out they have multiple electrical issues. Luckily hubby is the co-signer and hasn't signed the papers yet. Called the dealership and they want to fix it at now charge to us. But very leery about keeping the car because of everything we are reading online about the electrical issues. Poor Travis. He feels like he just can't win with cars. Please pray that this whole situation will work out to the good and that Travis can finally have a dependable car.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Toyota Forerunner....Mike bought it in 2000 and there hasn't been a major issue with it. He's fixed whatever's come up, but he's enjoyed it.

Tanya said...

I think Travis needs his father to sit down and have a sensible father to son talk. There is a reason that people sell old BMWs. They are expensive to fix! and any old car is going to need fixing! Do your research BEFORE you lay your emotional hormonal eyes on a vehicle. Son one day you may have enough money to shout yourself a status symbol but now in your life you need reliable and dependable and ordinary. Travis you are throwing good money away on registration, insurance, tax, repairs...put it down on paper and look at the REAL cost. I didn't like hearing the advice of my brother and father but that's why they gave it...they know better (mechanics) and I have to admit that my Holden Astra is ordinary but it hasn't cost me anywhere near as much as the European cars I so wanted to buy.

Frances said...

Good luck to Travis.