Monday, January 24, 2011

Moving Update

The two main goals for me this year was spending less and moving more. The spending less is coming along slowly but the moving more is going well. In the past three weeks I have only taken off one day each week from exercise. Grace is working right along with me. She is really trying to stick it out. Most days we each ride our recumbent bike (me for 30 minutes and Grace has worked up to 25 minutes). When it is pretty outside like today we including (including hubby) got for a walk. It is actually a mostly walk, jog a little kind of exercise. It was beautiful today and we really needed to get out in the sunshine for a little while. Which was kind of weird because when we woke up this morning snow covered the ground and all over the trees. Looked very magical but was not predicted at all. It was 29 degrees first thing in the morning. By lunch time it was 54 degrees and every bit of evidence of snow was gone. Crazy! Me and Grace are very committed to making this work. I now feel lots of guilt if I don't exercise that particular day. Once I got myself into a groove/habit of exercising each day, it has come easier and easier and I don't find myself coming up with excuses to not do it.

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Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

We finally broke down and got a Y membership. My 15 year old has put himself on a tough workout schedule that he considers part of his training for the military. We visit three times a week- though he now wants to begin going every day. I have to admit that I enjoy it much more than I thought I ever would.