Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Cost of Electricity

Before I start with this post I would like to mention that Travis is feeling better today. Okay now on to the nitty gritty. Our house is entirely electric including the biggies - oven, heat and air. As I have mentioned before we have two wood burning stoves that we try to use mostly for heat. I set the heat on 63 at night and if the fire goes out the heat will come on. We have also been conserving the wood we have because the piles are getting very low. In the years past hubby had a truck and was able to haul lots of free wood home. We had to sell the truck a year and a half ago due to mechanical issues. Hubby has grieved over the sell of that truck forever. To get around to my point - we got the electric bill today - $209.00. That is with running the stoves all day and most of the night. Our son's room doesn't receive much of the heat from the stoves because of the location of his room so he has a space heater that is used only at night for a couple of hours when it is really cold. I am stunned that the bill was actually that high. Last month was 154.00. I think I am going to have to take the temp down to 60 each night and see if it makes any difference. Plus November and December we saw many nights down into the teens which is just not normal for Georgia. Looking forward to Spring. How about you?


The Zoo Keeper said...

Yeah, but how many of those nights did it get below 10 degrees? I woke up many days to find it around 8 degrees on my deck.

Annie Kate said...

Invest in warm undershirts, leggings, sweathers, cold weather socks, hot water bottles, blankets, and hot tea. That way you can be cozy and use less electricity. We've done that.

And if the house is too cold to sleep, try a hat in bed. It makes a world of difference, although it sounds funny.

Spring will be here soon enough.

Annie Kate