Monday, January 17, 2011

Standard Weekend And Some Random Thoughts

Pretty normal around here for the weekend. Snow finally went away, but public school still closed today, go figure. On Saturday my parents took me and Grace to Longhorn's for dinner, very yummy. Sunday was busy with a adoption shower I was in charge of right after church and then back to the church again for the annual chili cook off that kicks off our small groups for the year. Today is back to the daily school grind. Only planned five basic subjects for today - History, Science, Math, Bible, Literature and Independent reading. Ortho appt at 2:00 and first drama practice at 3:30. Looking forward to seeing all the drama kids today. I know Grace is beside herself to get back to it. Today is my mom's birthday but not celebrating till tomorrow night. I think we may have another rooster, hasn't started crowing yet though, maybe just a really big hen. Can't wait for eggs when time changes. Also can't wait to get some baby chicks.

Added later in the morning: I have to say how proud I was of Grace this morning with her school work. I decided since Scott was outside loading up on wood I would take the opportunity to go to the produce store and pick up at 5 items from the grocery store. I left Grace in the house to finish her work. When I came back about one hour later she had finished everything, plus read her chapter of literature on her own which I usually read to her. I wish every day could be this easy.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Yes, someone I live with is VERY disappointed there is no school today, but on the north end of the county, some roads are still iced and the buses can't get through! I knew they'd be out for a week, but not this long!