Monday, January 31, 2011

Science Fair

Tonight was our homeschool group's annual science fair. We only had about 10 projects presented tonight but everyone that participated did a great job. As mentioned before Grace chose a project about popcorn. Her question was: Would the storage temperature of the popcorn play a factor in how many kernels did not pop. This was her first real time of using the scientific method.
She had a good time and did a good job with her presentation. One thing that being in drama has helped with is speaking in public. Doesn't seem to have that much of a problem with it.


The Zoo Keeper said...

She did such a nice job with it too! Like I said, in my classroom, she would have received an "A" and I'm picky.

Laura said...

Nice job, Grace!

Grace and other entrants to the homeschool science fair may want to submit their projects to the Virtual Science Fair - All entrants have a chance to win up $500 in prize money! You've already done the hard work of completing the science project; just a few more steps to submit to the virtual science fair!