Sunday, January 30, 2011


GROW is a new program our church has started. Actually it started about a month ago. GROW is not about growing our church (adding numbers to our church) but something so much more. Each Sunday our Pastor has prepared a sermon about what GROW actually is. G stands GO - meaning Go out and spread the good news. R - reach, O - out, W - world. Go Out and Reach the World. We get caught up so often on our own little lives, our personal church, etc. It is time to go out and spread the Gospel of Jesus and help those that are in need. Our church started a monthly food pantry 1 1/2 years ago, it has been such a blessing to us all. Last weekend we provided breakfast as well as warm coats and blankets to the families that come to our food pantry, it is open to anyone in the community that wishes to attend. In February we will host another breakfast and hand out new towels, etc. Each month will represent different items that individuals in the community might need. This is just a start. Many more events have been planned. In our Sunday school class we are also studying something very similar. We tend to surround ourselves with other Christians, which makes it hard to find non believers to share the Gospel. I have been very convicted by this as of late. Everyone I come in contact with is already a Christian. There are some blogs that I visit where they are not believers and I try to leave comments that might open doors of dialogue, but nothing so far. Looking forward to seeing where this new program takes us at church and what we can accomplish together for the glory of God.

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