Friday, January 21, 2011

Grocery Spending Update

Today was big grocery shopping day. After going to a dentist appt for a much needed cleaning, haven't been in five years. I know, awful! I headed for Walmart and the grocery store. I think for our family of four we are looking at $400.00 a month for groceries. Today between the two stores I spent $193.00 and I feel pretty good that I have enough meals planned to last for the next two weeks. With the spending less challenge that I put on myself we are only eating out once a week (not anywhere expensive), which means three meals a day at home for four people and one is a twenty year old boy. Here are the dinners I have planned for the next two week from what was purchased:

Friday - Baked chicken, potatoes and salad
Saturday - Cheese stuffed shells with sauce and salad
Sunday - Home made pizza
Monday - Pork chops, mac and cheese, corn and salad
Tuesday - Home made Alfredo sauce and noodles
Wednesday - Biscuits, eggs and turkey bacon
Thursday - Deer Roast, potatoes, rice and salad
Friday - Eat out
Saturday - Home made pizza
Sunday - Soup and sandwiches
Monday - grilled hamburgers, chips
Tuesday - Spaghetti
Wednesday - B-Cue chicken, mac and cheese, corn and salad
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - Eat Out

Breakfasts usually consist of cereal, eggs, cinnamon rolls, granola bars, muffins.
Lunches are leftovers, sandwiches or frozen foods like burritos, etc.
Let's see if I can stick to the plan.

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Deb said...

That sounds pretty good! I will be very impressed if you can actually eat on $400 a month. We have 4 people here full-time, too. I struggle with keeping costs down. Good job!

Plus, your green egg is so pretty!