Friday, January 7, 2011

Full Disclosure

Remember my two goals I wrote about a week ago - moving more and spending less. Well the moving more is going well. Both myself and Grace have done some type of activity 4-5 times in the past week. Grace seems to be on board and while the weather is bad and cold we will be sticking with riding the recumbent bike. Once weather gets a little warmer we are going to try our hand or should I say feet with walking/jogging. My other goal is not going so well, but I am determined to make it work. I think I need to start posting all expenditures to shame me in to stop spending. This past week me and the kids have eaten out at fast food joints at least three times. It's the convenience factor and just getting out of the house. This next week the goal is to eat out only once and also not to buy any more groceries for the house with the exception of milk, eggs or soda. I know one soda! Please folks, one addiction at a time. Here is the grocery expenditures for this coming week that was spent today: Walmart - 56.62 (includes dog food, cat food, snacks, misc. household items), Ingles - 68.79 (Food and two more canvas grocery bags, they were buy one get one free). Also spent 6.43 on a 25 pound bag of chicken food. Okay people, now it is your turn to keep me accountable. No spending this week. No more spending on anything else except gas for the cars and that will be limited. I know some folks may be wondering why I am even buying snack food. Well, the problem with me baking snacks for everyone is that I partake from them way to often and have probably gained 10 pounds since I started the baking from scratch business. Hence the need for moving around more. So I figure there has to be a balance somewhere and I think this may be my balance. Each child gets to pick out two snacks to last for the week from the store, usually a bag of chips and a bag of cookies. Once it is gone, it is gone. So here is my life spread out of the table for everyone to see. No where close to perfect. Just working on it.

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Nekkid Chicken said...

Diane, Nice to meet you. I have added you to my blogging list. There never seems to be enough time nor money these days. I hope your week goes well with tracking your spending. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog -- which I find very flattering. :O)

Much respect,
May your blessings be many,