Monday, January 31, 2011

Moving and Spending Update

Didn't do to badly on the spending front for groceries. A couple of days ago I spend 28.00 on milk, bread, one bottle of soda, a few snacks, toilet tissue, tea, and dog food. Will probably have to go to the produce store on Wednesday for apples, bananas, and lettuce. Other than that hope to not have to spend any more money on groceries till Friday when I plan for another two weeks. I have 154.59 left to spend. The two week menu plan has worked really well with keeping us on track for dinners. Only had to switch a couple of nights around. We only ate out twice last week not including my dinner out with a friend that was covered by a gift card.

Exercising has gone well this week except for two days when I couldn't because of the tremendous ear pain I had from the ear infection, which is thankfully better. Grace has missed a couple of days here and there. But still has exercised 4-5 days this week. She was disappointed when she stepped on the scale this morning to discover she had gained a pound. I was pleasantly surprised that I have already lost two pounds.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Tell Grace that will all that exercising she's lost fat cells but gained muscle cells. Muscle weighs more than fat does.