Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today's Thoughts

Just couldn't seem to come up with an adequate post title. Random thoughts for today follows:

  • Grace has really impressed me yesterday and today with her school work. Both days she basically got everything done on her own and even on a good time schedule. What is even more impressive - normally I read the chapter of literature each day - the past two days she said, "It's okay, I can just read it." Maybe she is growing up. Science is still a little bit of an issue because I believe some of the information is a over her head and I have to read it to her and explain some of it. But overall I couldn't be happier with how school has gone so far this week.
  • Drama started back yesterday. Yeah! Both me and Grace have been eager to get back to our drama troupe. As mentioned before this go around will be the musical of Alice In Wonderland with Grace playing medium Alice. Our first reading yesterday went well and the kids seemed really excited to get started. We did have a few kids drop out due to finances or not be able to finish school work in a timely fashion. But I think that we can easily fill those spots with kids we already have in the class. Grace has alot of work ahead of her, but looking forward to the challenge.
  • Don't know how to say this in a polite way, but looked out the window today and saw some of the chickens mating. Not sure when we will start seeing some eggs. All the chicks were younger when time changed and nothing happened. Really didn't think I would start seeing anything until March or April because of the weather and time change. Maybe this means we will see eggs a little earlier than expected.
  • Well we got rid of the snow in time for two days of rain. A little sunshine and warmer temps would really be appreciated.
  • Our goal of moving more is going well. Grace and myself have exercised for at least 30 minutes each day for the past week. We may take tonight off just because of scheduling difficulties. Told hubby I want good running shoes for my birthday next month. Me and Grace are going to try our hand at jogging.


Nekkid Chicken said...

Just put a lamp into where they coop at night. Chickens (hens) need about 14 hours of daylight to lay eggs. So, in winter their bodies just naturally slow down. 1st year layer will lay two eggs every 3 days once they hit about 6 mos old. Older hens will slow down on egg production but, the light will work to stimulate production.

Take care,

It's Grace said...

Hi Diane!

My daughter's name is Grace, too! Your Alice in Wonderland musical is sure to be fun!

I wanted to let you know that you are one of the winner's of the girl's devotional!! If you would email me your mailing address I'll have the book shipped out to you and Grace. Here is the link to the post with how to reach me. http://www.itsgrace.com/?p=447

Congratulations, and thanks for entering!!