Friday, January 21, 2011

Teacher Store

To start this post off I should come right out and admit that I shouldn't go to teacher/educational stores. I just cannot help myself from buying something. I love visual aids and use them often for geography, math, and language arts. The above posters I purchased today are Countries of Asia, Countries of Europe, Australia, Verb Tenses and some Geometry. Our first semester for geography we learned all the countries in South America, now we are going to switch gears and learn the territories of Australia as well as the outer islands including New Zealand and Tasmania.
As I had mentioned in a previous post currently we are using Exploring Creation with Anatomy and are about halfway through the book. We are stopping now and switching gears here also. Before I written about the fact the we were going to use this book for two years instead of just one. I picked up this science workbook that is all hands on experiments, etc. for life science, physical science and earth science. This should be good, Grace was starting to get tired of only doing the human body every week. Next week for science will be all about our science project, the science fair is only one week away.

In May Grace will be taking a standardized test that is required in our state every three years. The above workbook was purchased to get her ready. I will assign a couple of pages a few times a week to get her prepared and not be nervous about sitting for the test. My friend will be the moderator, which will automatically make it alot calmer.

This weekend I plan on constructing a history timeline to hang around the room with the sentence strips in the picture below. Grace seems excited about helping with this.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh the Teacher Supply Store. How I miss Thee. . . . One reason why our budget stays on track, we live in a town in the middle of no where. . . . .Sigh. Sounds Like i need to drive to Salem or Portland,. . . . .