Saturday, January 8, 2011

Using What They Love

Grace loves everything comics, manga and graphic novels. I guess it is the artist in her that really loves great illustrations and artwork. I decided to start using some of them to our advantage. She has been breezing her way through the whole Legend of Zelda series and sometimes I will let her read them for her independent reading. The next book I purchased was The Action Bible. We had reached a section in our Bible readings where she was having a little trouble understanding everything that was happening so I switched her over to the Action Bible which is in graphic novel form and she really enjoys it.

Next I was looking at something else on the Internet which then let me to a Comics study from Alpha Omega. It is a very small study and was very cheap, only 4.18. I figured if she didn't like it, it would not be that much money out of pocket. We just started it yesterday, but looks like it might be an interesting study. It pulls from alot of the old comics that you read in the newspapers like Peanuts, Blondie, Family Circle, etc. She is constantly talking about creating her own comic strip and comic strip character but never really follows through. Grace always has great ideas just rarely puts them down on paper. Hopefully this will give her the motivation she needs to get started on a project.

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Heidi said...

Both of my kids love comics and my daughter is into Manga as well. I definitely use that to my advantage for school as well! There are many history comics out there. Two that my son loves are Asterix and Chester Comix.