Sunday, January 9, 2011

Randomness Of the Weekend

We are under a winter storm warning in the Northeast Georgia mountains with anywhere from 4-9 inches of snow predicted which will then turn in to sleet and freezing rain. Lots of preparation today after church for the upcoming weather. Mainly getting gas for the generator in case the power goes out, loading alot of wood up on the deck to keep it dry from the snow and on Friday purchased plenty of groceries. Hubby is at work today and will be home around 9 right about the time the snow is to start. Now we just need to sit and wait.

Lots of preparation for this month at our church. Next Sunday I am heading up a celebration for a family that adopted their first child with a light lunch right after church, that same night is our church's annual chili cook-off that kick starts our small groups for the new year. The following Sunday we will be hosting a breakfast and coat giveaway for the families that come to our food pantry each month. There are about 100 families that routinely come each month for food, clothes and fellowship. I signed me and Grace up to help with the breakfast. We helped each month with the food pantry until about 6 months ago when I had to help my parents with alot of health issues then home school started back and there just hasn't seemed like enough time. Hope to get us back involved in that soon.

Working my way through CSI New York season 4 and sewing fabric napkins for the kitchen. Unfortunately my sewing machine is on the fritz so I am doing this by hand. I am thinking of asking for a simple sewing machine for my birthday in February.

Also wanted to update you on my goals to keep me accountable. So far on Saturday and Sunday the only spending taking place was 3.00 at a library book sale, 7.79 at McDonald's for lunch, and 10.00 for gas for the generator. I really need to get it in my head that spending money does not equal fun and entertainment does not need to cost anything. So far Grace has had friends over on Saturday and Sunday and it didn't cost a dime. I need to continue this train of thought. The moving goal is also going well both myself and Grace rode the bike yesterday and plan on doing it again today.


Nekkid Chicken said...

Girl, I hope you are prepared. The storm passed here this morning begining at 3 am. It was a whopper. All we got was high winds, much needed rains and thunderstorms. Blew a few branches off our trees but, no damages. We are lucky. It is snowing in Dallas already so -- your way will get a smacking I am sure. Stay warm and dry,

Take care,

Anonymous said...

We are over on the west coast - sending storm after storm your way. :) It has been raining every 5 minutes. We want to go to the beach, but it feels like trying to run in to jump rope. . ..
I gave hubby the market cash this week. When I need something I tell him - we need dog food and laundry soap, may I take 20 dollars? It has REALLY helped the groceries and spending this week. I've gottem as specific as 4 dollars with him this week. I don't know where he put the cash, and I don't have money on the Debit Card - it has been a fun week. A learning curve for the boys not throwing misc. items in the cart. :)

Leslie said...

Hoping you keep power. Sounds like you are well prepared. Sounds like you have a lot of great things planned - both out of the home and in! Great job setting goals and following through!