Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random Thoughts

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day. Hubby worked in the yard most of it. He has spent so much time of the last few months working on his art and it has been so cold that the yard had kind of gone to pot. Lots of leaves. I got caught up on some household items too. In the mail yesterday we got the power bill. I had really been waiting for this because I wanted to see how much money we had saved by not using the electric heat. It was very disappointing. Only went down from 59 to 50 on the usage scale which calculated into a money savings of 18.00. Granted after midnight I do not get up to add more wood to the fire, but the thermastat is set on 64. So now that it is getting a little warmer we will dry the clothes outside on the line and continue not using the heat and see if we will get a marked difference then. Last night was hubby's second gallery show openning at the local art gallery. A reception was held for all the artists and we had a really good time meeting and talking to them. Scott had three pieces entered this time. Coming up he has three art shows/festivals in the spring and there is a juried contest through one of the bigger art centers that is offerring a $50,000 prize. It is for art made with repurposed pieces, which is right up Scott's alley. Grace went to vaudeville night at church and had a great time. Performed in two skits herself. She just loves performing.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Grace did a great job last night too! I didn't get to tell you this morning at church. I'm looking forward to the April night.

Anonymous said...

Sound wonderful!