Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Drama Practice and School

Today mostly centered around fine arts classes at Trinity and school here at home. We started our three hour practices to get ready for our performances of The Music Man in two weeks. All I can say is we still have a long way to go. If you can imagine directing 24 kids in a production you will get the picture. Songs, dances, lines are all memorized but blocking is killing us right now. Came home this afternoon and did abou 1 1/2 hours of schoolwork. Tonight was our support group's biography fair. We didn't prepare anything to present but went to support all the rest of the students. With mom and dad's illnesses we have barely had time to do our own academic stuff much less prepare for something extra. It was fun to see everyone. I just signed Grace up for some drawing classes starting when we get back from Kentucky. She is really excited about that. I will try to include some photos of her newer drawings soon. Now going to settle back, watch some TV ont he computer and crochet.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Your posts make me so excited about next year!!!! :<)

Anonymous said...

Home schooling always sounds like such fun :0)

Leslie said...

Sounds like y'all have a lot of fun things going on! My daughter is in a play right now too and there is a lot of work involved in it!!! (For the parents too!)