Saturday, March 13, 2010

Repurposing and Projects

Found a spot today to set up a table for my seed trays. I plan on purchasing more trays in a week or so. This spot is in our dining room where the seeds/plants can receive lots of sun. Only thing I have to worry about is the cats. Once upon a time I had this table set up for sewing, but our house is so small I took it down a couple of years ago and much of the time I hand sew on my bed.
As most of you know, Grace loves to draw and is pretty good at it. Mostly she draws downstairs, but I decided it was time she had a private/quiet place in her room to draw and create. This old computer table was in our attic and the bench was covered with fabric and foam we already had. That is one thing my hubby is real good at - always having odds and ends to make things work and come together.

These are block from the quilt I am working on. Going slow because of hand sewing. If it turns out okay I might post a picture of the finished product.

This is another project I have been working on periodically. Granny square afhgan. I have many squares already done of the multi color, just have to decide how I want to connect them.

New book I purchased with tax money that will come in real handy. Very visual type patterns to reproduce. It is really hard for me to read a pattern and actually be able to do it. I do much better with someone showing me.


Tracy said...

Very cool projects and great use of space and used items! I cannot wait to get more into sewing and crocheting! I am also a visual person so this book sounds like I would love it!

The Zoo Keeper said...

We have the same book! I'll help you with the patterns. We need a day to crochet!

Frances said...

Your quilt blocks are beautiful! How awesome to be doing it by hand!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog! I really like yours. I think I will follow!