Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update on Mom and Dad

Dad has not had any more TIA episodes since coming home from the hospital. Went to the doctor yesterday and according to his blood tests he is now on the correct theraputic dosage for his blood thinner. Other not being able to drive, somewhat weak, and not able to leave alone he is better. Took mom to Emory today for her treatment, but unfortunately it didn't happen. As most of you know she had chest pains two weeks ago that put her in the hospital. The chest pains came from a side effect of the cancer drug (high blood pressure). When we got there today her blood pressure was up but had been down low all week because she hasn't had any treatments in two weeks. The protocal says if the blood pressure is not under 150 she can't be treated and you can't go longer than two weeks off. So they had to pull her from the clinical trail. Met with her doctor and he is going back to plan A which is the same oral pill she is on but being able to lower the dosage as needed depending on what her pressure is doing. Can't do this on the trail, protocal doesn't allow any deviations. Also means we won't have to go as often, which has been once a week and she probably won't be as sick like she was after the infusions. Just have to pray no more chest pains. Probably will be 2-4 weeks before starting anything again. Still have to work out the financial end of things, because every thing with the clinical trail was free. The drug will cost about $300 a month.


Jessica said...

Do you know if your mom's new drug is covered by the manufacturer? I was prescribed a Neulasta injection after each infusion & it was astronomically expensive--if my insurance had not covered it, I was eligible for financial assistance through the pharmaceutical company that produced it. See if you can seek that sort of aid.

Also...the American Cancer Society offers a stipend for anti-nausea medications. I think mine was $ 250. See if you can get any aid through them. They're very helpful.

I'll keep your mom in my prayers--and your dad, of course! Let me know if there is anything I might be able to help you with (questions, etc.). Take care! :)

Anonymous said...

I'll keep praying for them! I can not imagine what it is like to have to pay for medication. Do hope you get a solution!