Friday, March 12, 2010

Money in Hand

We got our tax refund this week and have allotted it to many items we have been waiting to purchase. Today I went shopping with my mom and Grace to get some of these items. Also this morning I was able to register us for the hotel and convention fees for our state homeschool covention. Very excited about going. This year I will also be participating with the used curriculum fair that goes along with the convention. I have about 100 items to sell. Maybe I can make enough money to at least pay for the hotel fees. I have a wishlist so far about a mile long that I will have to make some decisions on over the next month before we go. Okay, I also preordered Grace's Science for next year which will be the new Exploring Creation through Anatomy and Physiology. We have been waiting for this book with baited breath. Won't be shipped until mid-May, can't wait! Also paid half of the credit card off, it is the only credit card we have anything on and hopefully in the next six months that will be gone also. Went to Kohls to return two shirts that didn't fit Grace from the previous visit, found some bed pillows for 3.99 each and purchased 4, a new one for each of us. Found some birdseed on sale at Lowes, 4.48 for a 10lb bag and it was buy one get one free. Now have 40lbs of birdseed, should last me a couple of months. Hubby needed new clothes, haven't bought any for him in about 5 years. Got two pair of jeans and three shirts. Next on the list was to purchase some of our garden supplies. Here are just a few seed packets that we are adding to the seed we already have. Cherry tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, sugar snap peas, and romaine lettuce. Hoping to start these in about a week
Found these two nifty seed starters for Grace to play around with. The smaller is for herbs, including: basil, oregano, and parsley. The larger will start 25 plants from our seeds. If she has ones of her own she is a little more interested in the whole gardening process. We won't be able to start anything big until we return from our trip to Kentucky that we will be taking in three weeks. Which actually lines up with right after Easter to plant.

Just thought this was so cute. My baby. She will be going on the trip to Kentucky with us, she is very high maintenance. Had to purchase a small collapsible crate today to take with us.

Do you see him? Took this pic a couple of days ago, Mr. Woodpecker was going for something on one of our railroad ties. This was as close as I could get to him. Love to watch these guys work as long as it isn't on our house.


Pam said...

I know, isn't it nice to have a bit of money after so long without it! lol! Us too. I also want to get the apologia anatomy. Is your convention/book sale in your state?

Tanya said...

Wow, very busy! So proud of you with the credit card. Great achievement and it will free you up so much not to have that debt soon. Special cuddles for your baby too. Love my poodles!

Stephanie said...

I would love to attend a homeschool conference and see the exhibit hall, just to touch and feel all those wonderful books. Greart purchases. We are traveling full time, so we aren't having a garden so I will peak in on yours :)