Friday, March 26, 2010

I've Been Kind of Quiet

Sorry about the lack of posting over the past few days. Very busy and trying to catch up. Here are a few random things going on around here:

  • Not much book work this week. Lots of practice for The Music Man - our first performance is today. I took some pics yesterday at dress rehearsal but left my camera at the school. I will post them tomorrow. The play is not near perfect but probably as good as it can get at this point.
  • Mom went to the doctor yesterday and they have ordered her medication. After much investigating looks like she will be going with the insurance company to pay for the drug. She will have a balloon payment of 4700 for the first month then 350 a month until the new calendar year starts and she will repeat the process. We are worred about the side effects, so please pray for my mom and starting this new drug.
  • Yesterday after a three hour practice we attended a volunteer workshop at our local library. The first part of the workshop was about volunteering in general and the second was learning some about the library. Grace signed up to volunteer one day a week at the library for a hour after we return from Kentucky.
  • Tonight I am meeting a friend from church for dinner and a sit and stitch at our local yarn store. I am still working on putting together a blanket made out of granny squares, it will probably take a while. Looking forward to some adult girl time and talk.

I will post more tomorrow about the performance today and such.


legendswife said...

Your mom will be in my prayers tonight. The Music Man is actually based from my home town!
God Bless

brightandnew said...

A prayer said for your mum x

Jessica said...

I always keep your mama in my prayers. :)