Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Day

The last two days have just been beautiful. Spring is int he air. Yeah! Today's temps are in the 60's, a far cry from all the snow we had last week. Grace has spent of most yesterday and today in this swing that we have down in our woods. It goes really high out over the trees. The neighborhood kids love it. It is a shame that we are expecting rain the remainder of the week. Scott set up my outdoor clothesline today and I dried my first load of laundry. It dried in like an hour. It was great.
This is a new book we have start, I, Juan de Pareja. Read the first chapter today that explains how he started out as a slave and was inherited by Valezquez. We are using this to not only study Velazquez for artist study but also about slavery. The first chapter was very good. We are taking a break from the Little House Series to read this one then back to the series. We started the Little House books last year and tend to read 2-3 a school year. Hopefully we will finish them all in another year.


The Zoo Keeper said...

We have all of the LH DVDs if you want to borrow anymore of them. And, my sister has lots of horse poopie for me to put in my raised beds I plan on building! Yippee for horse poop!

LLJ said...

The books look like they will be very interesting. Oh, we had our first nice day today! Ah!!!!

Catherine said...

We just loved Juan de Pareja when we read it a couple of years ago. It's a great story!

Anonymous said...

Love the Little House books, we have all the DVDs too!

We are having lovely weather here too, lots of sunshine - not so much in the 60's though, it is 6 degrees celcius!

JILL O. MILES said...

Glad you mentioned I, Juan de Pareja. Just requested it from my library :)