Monday, March 22, 2010

Food Inc.

A few weeks ago I watched most of Food Inc. which you can watch on Netflix Instant Watch. I got through about 45 minutes of it, not because I found it boring, but because I couldn't stand watching what the animals had to go through to provide all of us meat. It really makes you think about what your putting in your mouth and where it is coming from. Food Inc. really made me stop and think and still three weeks later I am still thinking about what we can do as a family and our purchasing power in the marketplace. After watching the movie I investigated purchasing meat from organic online meat companies. At this point in our lives we just cannot afford it. I know we need to go to more meatless meals, we are starting the process. But it takes time. Soon I will be purchasing local eggs from a friend with free range chickens. There is a great giveaway over at for a $75.00 gift certificate to Wellness Meats. Alot of the blogs I read are all of the same mindset about this and they help me to forge on in this area of menu planning and health.


legendswife said...

it's amazing what animals do go through just for us to have meat...(sigh). organic meat can be very expensive. I think the key is eating it sparingly. Thanks for the post and link to the giveaway:)

God Bless.

brightandnew said...

I've heard a lot about Food Inc. and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

That is a lovely blog that you have linked to - thanks for shareing it :)

Leslie said...

I haven't watched this yet as I'm not sure I'm ready to *see* it. I've found a local farmer that I buy beef from (not sure if it is organic though). The quality is very good and the cost is too if you buy in bulk. (I usually split it with a friend.) Maybe this is something you could find.

Cost of food is hard these days, isn't it?


Jenia said...

We still haven't watched this movie, but I have it on our Netflix list!
If you ever need some meatless recipes - just let me know!!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Diane, great job on the post. Tomorrow I will announce the winner, good luck!