Monday, March 22, 2010

Grace's Art Part 1

I have been very remiss lately about recording Grace's drawings. This post is mostly for relatives, but hopefully others will enjoy her drawings too. The piece below is one of her beloved managa characters that she has created. These days mostly her drawings consist of manga characters.One day for an art project for school I asked her to draw something a little more realistic and this is what she chose.
For a long time horses were her thing, that was all she wanted to draw. Occasionally she will still draw one, maybe she will get some inspiration for the International Horse Park that we will be visiting when we go to Kentucky in a couple of weeks.

Of Course dragons are still a big thing too. Some she colors some she leaves in pen and ink. I have about 10 more pictures to share with you of her drawings but I will include them in more posts later on.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Great job Gracie!

Frances said...

She is very talented!