Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The past two times I have wanted to wash laundry and line dry the weather has not cooperated. Last week we only had one day of sunshine and the rest rain, now we had two days of sunshine and it is cloudy and rainy again today. Grace has no clean pants so I will have to wash and dry. I might be able to line dry some in the house. Also can't get an early start on anything because hubby is asleep downstairs - worked all night. Son is home on vacation for the next three days and that is where hubby normally gets away from us all to sleep. Looks like schooling will have to wait until after lunch when every is up. Also need to get some groceries today and go to church tonight. How to fill it all in between 12:00 - 6:00. I guess move at warp speed.


Tracy said...

Deep breath in deep breath out! :) I do not like days like the one you are having...the ones where you need 5 more of you to get everything done! We had 4-5 days of straight rain so we have a HUGE pile of laundry! Got 2 loads out between yesterday and where near putting a dent in the pile! Ahhh, the joys! As for hubby sleeping...well mine has worked nights for the last 5 years so I know exactly what you mean! We had to rearrange life a bit for that. When he went to days for 3 months I didn't know what to do with myself! I felt so free! But he went back to nights...such is life. To have life interrupted like that when you are not expecting it though is so much harder! Just do what you can and what absolutely NEEDS to be done...the rest may have to wait! You are only one person!

Tanya said...

Good advice from Tracy. Sometimes we muddle through for days with the necessary smaller things hanging on clothes airers around the fire. Whatever can be hung on a coat hanger, I hang from the ceiling where the warm air gathers and dries quickly. The sheets and towels just have to wait.
How about some lovely squishy boilermaker's ear plugs for his sleep? He shouldn't use them if he is alone in the house in case he can't hear danger, but if you guys are in the house, there is no harm him having some "deaf" sleep.