Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Life of a Cooperative Director

I am a director of a Fine Arts Cooperative. It is at times daunting and exhausting, but many other times it is pure joy. The families are incredible. The students bring such joy to our lives. The Cooperative in general has been the hugest blessing to my family and most of that comes from the people we have grown to love and work with along the way.

This semester found us in a new location. This meant setting a date to deconstruct the old stage and get ready to put together a new stage at the new location. This new stage will only stay up a few weeks each semester. Two families from the Cooperative came this morning to lend a hand and the stage was down and off to storage in 2 1/2 hours. Many hands make light work.

These folks my life and job so much easier. Without them the Cooperative wouldn't be what it is right now. So I definitely cannot take all the credit. The new co-director for this year has taken on a lot of work for me and it is a blessing to have her on board.

After just a couple of hours it is almost like we were never there.

Of course lunch out for everyone in between deconstructing, loading, and then off to storage.

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Karen said...

How awesome. I SO wish there was a Fine Arts Coop here. Keilee would ADORE it!