Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - The First in Good Long While

Weekly Wrap Ups have kind of fallen off the radar for me. Today I want to correct that. Life has been very busy around here. Between Cooperative classes and administration duties, tutoring three other children, educating my own, and daily life - just plain busy. 

First off a puppy update. I believe after three treatments of Revolution the puppies are finally completely free of scabies. Boy wasn't that a stressful six weeks. Who could of imagined that such small little pups could be packing such a wollop of problems.

Saturday we dismantled our old stage for the Cooperative and moved it all into storage to get prepared to build a new stage next month in a new location. Speaking of Cooperative, two weeks were canceled due to snow and ice. This has put us behind schedule with Peter Pan rehearsals. 

On the home front my three "littles" that I tutor have been working very hard. One of our review products is science related and it inspired me and them to create solar systems. I gave them free rein to create it in any fashion they wished. One of the girls created her planets with fabric and sewing.

Grace continues to produce artwork and dream of one day finding a way to make a living at it. She continues on with all her classes: Spanish, Biology, Literature, American History, and Consumer Math. We added Biology 101 DVDs to the mix and she is reading To Kill a Mockingbird in her Literature class. I picked up the movie today at the library for her to watch and compare.

One day we did a moon phase activity with oreos. YUM!!

Today Grace and myself headed out with friends to the big library and got lots of good stuff to keep us occupied.

Upcoming Reviews

Visual Learning Systems
GPA Learn - Great Parents Academy
Critical Thinking Company
ARTistic Pursuits

Lots of fun things coming down the pike!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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Jen said...

Glad to hear your puppies are much better! We did the oreo moon phases as well and that was a favorite of both of ours ;) Have a great week!!!