Friday, February 6, 2015

When Life Just Gets Out of Control

Remember those precious little puppies we purchased. Well the puppies are still precious but boy oh boy they have packed a powerful punch to our wallet and life. Nothing but health issues since practically day one. First off they were diagnosed with giardia (think drinking water in Mexico and getting sick) - that is most times what giardia is. After a 10 day treatment costing 35 dollars the puppies are clear and we dodged the bullet of contracting it. Next health crisis we were not so lucky. Both puppies, but one more than the other, had been plagued with hair loss and scratching since the day we brought them home. Initially we thought it was related to the fleas that came with them but after applying Advantix for the fleas we knew something else was going on. Multiple visits and tests later still no definitive diagnosis - until yesterday when I discovered a few tiny red bumps on my belly. Low and behold the one thing I was praying it wasn't turned out to be the diagnosis for them and me and ultimately Grace as well. SCABIES!!!!! Yuck!!!!!!!

Much money, stress, anxiety, and all those other words later - all the pets in the house except the ferret (who has had no contact with the puppies) have had their first treatment for scabies, otherwise known as sarcoptic mange. Last night myself and Grace had to use the prescription lotion from the tip of our neck to the bottom of our toes and everything in between. Sleep in it for 8 hours then shower upon waking in the morning. Today found me washing a gazillion loads of laundry, washing every surface, spraying Lysol on everything in sight, and trying not to touch any of the animals in the house. Currently I have shoes, makeup, and a memory foam in the deep freezer for 12 hours which supposedly works in killing the mites. I also have a ton of items from Grace's room in garbage bags tightly closed until Monday.

I am truly the walking dead from all the work I have done today with still more to do tomorrow. I am drinking a cup of coffee tonight at 8:45 to keep myself awake just a little longer to finish off all the clothes in Grace's closet. Mine will have to wait till morning. Do we still love the puppies? Of course we do. But a little divine intervention would be wonderful at the moment. Please God let the mites die and be gone.


Nicole said...

Oh my gosh. Yes, praying those mites are GONE!

LJS said...

Yesterday I asked the girls to read a blog post I wrote about our puppy. It is my honest feelings on him and I would never publish it with ought their approval. I never ever in a million years realized how hard puppies are.

Crosby had giardia. I learned that 1) it is very common, 2) as their immune system grows they become able to kill it themselves 3) Grapefruit seed oil will naturally kill/prevent it. I gave it to them three times a day with chicken broth. After 2 round of treatment that was unsuccessful, this worked. It also works for people and I gave us all a week of doses twice a day to prevent us from catching it.

I feel for you and how tired you must be. Hang in there.