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TOS Review - Great Comission Films - Indoctrination

IndoctriNation DVD Review
Every homeschooling family has their own story. The purpose behind why they decided to homeschool. In our family what started out as health issues for pulling our daughter out of the public school system has changed over the years and morphed into many other factors that keep us homeschooling. This list of reasons to keep your child home from school can run the gamut of health, religious, safety, and on and on. The movie Indoctrination from Great Commission Films just solidified all my reasons for homeschooling and quite frankly, gave me a few more.
Our family was given the opportunity to watch and review Indoctrination through the TOS Review Crew. We were given a physical DVD to watch. Currently the DVD can be purchased for $19.99 and they also offer other study materials that can be purchased separately. There is not a recommended age for this movie, but in my opinion 14 years old and up it would be suitable. The day I received the documentary, I handed it off to my husband to watch. See, this type of movie is right up his alley and I knew he would enjoy it and give me an honest opinion to include in the review.
"Indoctrination can be a helpful tool for a Christian family making decisions pertaining to their child's education. It gives clear pointed examples that are just small glimpses into the many challenges that are against kids in the public school setting. The salt and light argument is very flawed as kids need a solid foundation to prepare them for the world that they will be living in. This film, along with the other source materials that they used in the making of the film can be a great tool in the decision making process for Christian parents." - The Husband
The filmmaker, Colin Gunn, has done a good job of collecting information, interviews, and media clips to support his case of children being indoctrinated by attending public school. The film shows Colin Gunn and his family traveling across America in a school bus investigating the perils of a public school education. He also gives a timeline starting back in the 1600s to present day as to how a government run education came to be. You will see interviews and clips from many famous names in the homeschool community, including; Voddie Baucham, Ken Ham, Doug Phillips, Kevin Swanson, and John Taylor Gatto.
The debates and conversation that take place concerning public school vs. homeschool can sometimes be a powder keg, but Colin Gunn handled it with integrity while still pulling no punches about what your child will come in contact with in a public school setting. Some clips were truly frightening as to how much the government wishes to invade upon your child and family's life as well as how powerful the teacher's unions have become. Not to mention the inappropriate topics and discussions that the school thinks is okay to discuss with your child. After watching Indoctrination I feel truly blessed to homeschool my child. As my husband said before in this post, this DVD is a great tool to show to Christian parents that might be on the edge of making the decision of pulling their children out of the public school system.
Now saying all of this and that yes I agree whole heartedly with what was discussed in this DVD - I think parents of public school kids and teachers in the public school system (whether they are Christian or not) might be offended by some of the information provided and discussed, which would then fall on deaf ears so to speak. Some of the statements and topics are very heavy handed in the arguments against a child attending public school. Yes, Indoctrination is a great tool to show to Christian parents considering homeschooling and needing that last little bit of information and encouragement to do so. Would public school teachers and parents see it the same way? I don't know, but it is definitely worth a look on their part.
Go check out Indoctrination from Great Commission Films and also see what my Fellow Crewmates thought of the movie.
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