Friday, February 13, 2015

Life Update Through Pictures

First on the agenda should be addressing the puppies who have brought so much JOY and HARDSHIP to our lives. They are the cutest and sweetest thing ever. Everyone has had their first treatment for sarcoptic mange and so far me and Grace are in the clear after our treatment. I will feel so much better this time next week after all the animals have had their second treatment which cures 95 percent of the cases. Then a third treatment will be issued and everyone at that point should be in the clear. This is been a true learning experience (even after working in an animal hospital for 17 years in my younger days).

I think for the teens this semester at Cooperative has been the best one yet. The teens seem to be truly enjoying each other and all the classes being offered. The surprising favorite is Ballroom Dancing. Normally we offer this one just for spring semester to get the kids ready for spring formal in May, but due to popular demand it will be offered again in the fall. The most surprising for me is how much Grace is loving this class. She never wanted to take the class in the past, but it is her favorite class this semester (even over drama).

Grace's drawings are coming few and far between at the moment due to her new love of a particular video game. She spends most night playing it which is cutting into her creative time. Periodically her creative juices start flowing again and she produces something she is proud of.

This is Benedict Arnold and was created for her American History portfolio for the Dave Raymond's History curriculum.

The littles are plugging along with review products, including: In Freedom's Cause, Editor in Chief, Visual Learning Systems, and GPALoveMath. Blog posts about the products will be coming soon.
This year is moving so fast I cannot believe we are about to get ready to move into spring. I am ready though. Looking forward to warmer weather and nature coming back to life. Yesterday afternoon we saw a truly marvelous sight - a large group of starlings land in all our trees then fly off - just like in the videos you see online. Really magical.

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LJS said...

I was telling my husband about your puppy saga yesterday over coffee. Our puppy was driving me crazy. You are not alone. It is hard. So much harder than I ever thought it would be. Hang in there.