Friday, February 20, 2015

New to Me Educational and Fun Websites

Recently I have been researching various topics for educational purposes and have come across some new websites/blogs that you may be interested in checking out. Also there are many of us trapped in the house due to snow, ice, and bone chilling temperatures. So here's some new stuff for you to read and investigate to pass the time.

Minds in Bloom - The three girls I tutor will start 6th grade in August. I have started researching topics, etc. that would appeal to that age group when I came across this blog. There are many references to Common Core (which I skip over), but also lots of fun tips, tricks, and ideas to help along the learning process for middle schoolers.

Art for Kids Hub - I was first introduced to this site over at my online friend Jessica's blog Teachable Moments and used it for a Christmas drawing the girls did in December. We revisited the site last week for more drawing tutorials. Fun to watch, easy tutorials for kids to follow.

Berry College Eagle Cam - Great time to start watching the eaglets that hatched last week. This is a college in Georgia that has a pair of Eagles that revisit the same nest each year to raise their young. Be aware that if you have very sensitive children, it is my understanding that one of the eaglets is not eating well due to the sibling pushing it away.

A Winter at Many Glacier - Okay this one is for the adults. I stumbled across this blog of a couple caretaking a lodge in Montana. The pictures are beautiful and I enjoy reading what their day to day lives are like. Of course I can't help but think of the movie The Shining as well. Ha Ha

Jen Hatmaker - My new favorite Christian writer. She is funny and so down to earth.

Northpoint Online - Favorite place to watch an online sermon. I get so much out of listening to Andy Stanley present a sermon.

The Old Schoolhouse Family Blog - Of course I am on the Review Crew again this year so maybe I am a little biased. The Old Schoolhouse magazine got me through so many months of homeschooling in the early years. So much informative articles and encouragement. The blog is the same, so check it out.

Here's hoping spring comes quick


A Candle to Read By said...

These look great. I am happy to see the return of the Eagle cam. Thanks for the reminder of the promise of Spring--that color is so beautiful!

Karen said...

Thank you Diane. Some of these I know but some I don't. I love finding awesome websites!!!!