Saturday, February 14, 2015

Knocked Over the Head With the Truth

This morning I read something that really spoke to me. This blog post by Heidi St. John made me do a double take. Everything she talks about in the post is my true feeling about homeschooling and education. The Big Truth in this whole discussion is that once us homeschoolers reach the homeschooling high school age we all get a little or a lot "held hostage".

How easy it is to fall in the trappings of this world. When your are a homeschooling mom you are not immune from these trappings. All the reasons and benefits of homeschooling my child have kind of gone out the window while we try to jump through all the hoops that society thinks we should be doing. I swear, sometimes unschooling looks more and more attractive everyday. One of my close friends is mostly an unschooler and I covet her schooling days sometimes. If only I had the courage to do it that way.

I think it is time to make some changes. What those changes may be remains to be seen. What are your feelings about going against the grain of typical education/subjects in the high school years? Do you worry about your child getting into college if you don't do it right? What is right? Questions revolving around in my brain on this early Saturday morning. Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.


Karen said...

Yes and YES. I struggle with this all the time. Because I have always been drawn to unschooling and we have mostly done that in an Interest Led sort of way. But HIGH SCHOOL is different right??? You HAVE to check things off a list. Keilee and I were just talking about this. I don't want her 4 years to be a reproduction of the school down the street. I want it to be full of lovely learning and fun. I think more and more colleges would rather see that Keilee operated her own business starting at age 14 than the fact that she completed Algebra! Can't wait to hear some of your ideas!!!

LJS said...

Yes and No. There are times I stress if we are doing enough and if what we are doing is hard enough or if the content is rich enough. We don't do 5 subjects every day. We don't do all of our work before we leave the house. I read other blogs and wonder if I am tough enough? Will they have what they need when it is time?

I think they will. Our plan has always been 2+2 - 2 years of community college first with their first class to be when they are a junior in high school so they can acclimate to the more traditional aspects of schooling (not education) with ease rather than by throwing them in, sink or swim.

My goal is to have them take the classes that it is hard, if not impossible to recreate at home, like biology with labs, or chemistry (unless we do something like Landry Labs).

These conversations between homeschool moms have to take place. We all have different styles, but the same worries and this is our support group. This is where we hear - "you are going to be okay". This is where we get inspiration to try new things and discover new programs.

Have you started a transcript yet? I bet when you do, or when you get everything on it, you will sit back and be amazed.