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TOS Review - Heirloom Audio Productions - In Freedom's Cause

In Freedom's Cause Audio CD Review
One of the highlights of homeschooling for our family has been listening to audio theatre productions and sharing good literature. As Grace has grown older we have not shared this wonderful family bonding activity for a couple of years. This year I have three fifth grade girls that come to my house three days a week for tutoring and I felt they would enjoy the experience of listening to a professional audio theatre presentation. When the review for In Freedom's Cause by Heirloom Audio Productions became available I knew it would be a great choice for them.
Heirloom Audio Productions has taken very seriously their task of not only creating an entertaining audio production, but also making sure the historical information is as accurate as possible and that God and Christian values are not left out. This audio production is adapted from G.A. Henty's book, In Freedom's Cause. Many homeschoolers are quite familiar with G.A. Henty and all of his wonderful stories.
Something my students were excited about was the actors playing the parts in this production. The girls had recently watched the first three Narnia movies and loved the actor that portrayed Edmund. They were so excited to learn that Skander Keynes (the actor who portrayed Edmund) was a voice actor in this production.
In Freedom's Cause is an audio drama, not an audio book. That means it brings the story to life in so many wonderful ways. Background music, acting, suspense, sound effects, and adventure to name just a few. We chose to listen to a few tracks each morning (of course the girls always wanted just one more track to be played) while the girls sat around the table drawing. Occasionally I would pause the presentation to explain a vocabulary word, concept, or put something into context.
The story revolves around the journey of Scotland winning its independence from England through many individuals but especially William Wallace and John Bruce. It was fairly fitting that this piece of history came to us in a story as we are currently almost to that time period in our history studies.
We were given a CD set of the audio production, a downloadable study guide, a MP3 download of the soundtrack, the Ebook of In Freedom's Cause, a cast poster, behind the scenes documentary, cast of characters road map, membership weblink, and a printable copy of The Prayer of William Wallace. The CD set was used three days a week until it was completed due to the days I had the girls here for tutoring. They were so inspired and enjoyed the experience so much they asked if I had other audio productions they could hear. Conveniently the company sent an email out to us that the next audio theatre production, With Lee in Virginia, was to release around Memorial Day. I will definitely be checking that out. I utilized the study guide by reading the information about G.A. Henty, William Wallace, and John Bruce to the girls, as well as the provided study guide questions. This audio production is recommended for ages 6 and up.
Mostly the girls and myself enjoyed a wonderful story presented in a very professional, entertaining, and engaging way. I would most assuredly purchase more productions when they become available. Please go check out In Freedom's Cause presented by Heirloom Audio Productions. Also check out what other Crew Members thought of this product.
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