Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Performances, Moving, and Projects

Well not much to report this week on the school front. Our lives have kind of been consumed with the King and I, moving my parents into their new home, and trying to get some rest. Our first real performance was last night. Truly so much more fun to perform than the many hours of doing it over and over in practice.

This week we had the opportunity to save a little baby bird. Hubby came home to find him on the ground stunned and unable to fly. We brought him inside and put him in our older cage. The next morning we released him and away he went.

Another project on the horizon. Moving my parents also means downsizing their belongings. Many of the items we wish to keep in the family. This cedar chest was in my bedroom until I got married and left home. I stored all the items I bought leading up to my wedding for our new home. Now after 27 years I get it back. My plans are to turn it into a window seat under the window in the back of this picture. I will paint it a brighter color and add cushions.

Yesterday we stopped by our local art store and discovered a great sale going on. Grace's favorite choice of medium for her art projects are high quality markers. First choice are copics but those bad boys run about 8 dollars each. Next choice runs around 3 dollar a piece. The sale was buy 40 markers and make a set to get 40 percent off. With an art show coming up in October this couldn't have come at a better time.

We are currently working on three review products - Dave Raymond's American History, Ubersmart Facts, and an online Raising a Bearded Dragon program. I will have a review post ready next week for the American History product. Hoping to have more pictures soon from the play. We will be starting school back on August 11th - so not ready.

Weekly Wrap-Up


Phyllis said...

A week that includes theater is a good one indeed.

Annie Kate said...

Yay for that art sale! I love being surprised by something like that.

We bumped into a paper and scribbler sale today, and it was so much fun.

Have a happy last week of holidays!