Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I Am Reading

First on the list is Mothering and Daughtering by Sil and Eliza Reynolds. Actually Grace and me are both reading this book. We are doing a book club with a couple of other friends that also have teenage daughters. The great concept about this book is the front of the book is written from the mother's point of view and the back of the book is from the daughter's point of view (actually written by the daughter). We start the book club in a couple of weeks.

Of course I am still crazy about the Outlander Series but am currently just on book 2. Each book ranges from a measly 700 pages (I say this sarcastically) to close to 1000. Only read a couple of chapters a night is a slow go, but I still enjoy it very much.

Lastly is When Children Love to Learn which I got on sale for 1.99 from Amazon. Again this one I am slowly reading through to review all the reasons I love a Charlotte Mason style education.

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