Sunday, August 10, 2014

What I Have Missed Over the Past Two Months

As I may have mentioned a couple of times - or like a thousand times - this play has taken over our lives. There are many things me and Grace have missed out on these past two months of intense practices and performances. Yes we have enjoyed our selves and yes it has been a great learning experience, but it is time to get back to our real lives. Here is what I have missed most in no particular order:

  1. Home cooked meals - We have eaten more fast food in the past two months than I care to really own up to. Also eating at odd hours. If you must be at the theatre by 6:30 in full makeup and hair then you are eating an early dinner which means by the end of the performance you are again eating a snack around 11:00. I miss cooking and eating better.
  2. Exercise - I tried to keep up with exercise in the beginning but then completely lost all focus and determination by the beginning of July. Most of all I miss Zumba class which is a huge stress reliever. I am sure between no exercise and all the fast food I have put back on at least 5 pounds of what I lost with Trim Healthy Mama.
  3. Family Time - Let's just say this has been non-existent. Every night me and Grace at the theatre and hubby at the house, tattoo shop or work = no family time. This also includes she your family outside of your immediate family. Both my son and mom and dad have moved to new places during this endeavor of mine and Graces. I felt like I was little help to either of them.
  4. Routine or Schedule - Again this is kind of gone as well. If you are a very structured person - like I am - then this can get old real fast. Whatever you need to do needs to be accomplished by a certain time each day so you have plenty of time to eat dinner, get makeup and hair done and then travel time to the theatre. Everything...and I mean everything is scheduled around the play.
  5. Rest - We are all so tired. Exhaustion has definitely set in. Sleep patterns are all out of whack due to late nights and sleeping in every morning after a performance. 
  6. Dirty House - Housework just hasn't happened. Only the easy daily chores get handled. Deep cleaning is definitely in my future.
Today is our last performance. A matinee which means we are actually home for dinner. It is bittersweet. I really like all the people in the cast and have enjoyed working together as a team to pull off this show. It truly takes everyone working together like a well oiled machine to make the magic happen. Now we go back to the real world. Family, school, Cooperative, and home life. Would we do it again? In a heartbeat. Of course a few months of recovery is needed before tackling it again. The King and I will always be a wonderful memory of the something I shared with Grace that we can always look back on with fondness.

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