Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Little Randomness

Some random thoughts from the past couple of days:
  1. Is anybody else a little freaked out about having an Ebola patient so close to home. For us it is really close as Atlanta is only 1 1/2 hour from our house. I do understand the families wanting their loved ones to have the best treatment available and they are Americans. So I'm not saying they shouldn't be here just that it makes me a little nervous.
  2. Today we took a day off. Total craziness for the entire month of July and the past two days of August. Originally I was going to help my mom move some things to her new home today but Grace really wanted to go off for the day - so that is exactly what we did including my mom. First we had lunch out then shopping for some well needed clothes. Lastly we visited a big book store, had a delicious frappe and then headed home. Good girl's day out.
  3. I met with the teacher's for our Cooperative on Tuesday and it was so good to see them all after the summer off. We are all excited about getting back to it. I am especially excited about my two classes (drama and Mapping).
  4. Monday we took care of some well needed business of a trip to the dentist and orthodontist. The dentist used a baking soda spray that really burnt her mouth up. She still has sores on the roof of her mouth today. I will for sure need to tell them not to use that again.
  5. School for us starts back on Monday and boy do we have a weekly packed schedule. There are so many wonderful opportunities available this year that it is hard to walk away from a lot of them, but I have restrained myself to a certain extent. Overall though, I feel like Grace will enjoy the choices we have made together for her 10th grade year.
  6. Performances start back tomorrow night. We are as ready as we will every be. These last four performances will be bittersweet. We are excited about getting them all done and getting back to real life but on the other hand I will miss seeing most of the cast when it ends.

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