Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Where We Get Back To It

Sunday was our last performance of The King and I. It was bittersweet - after seeing the cast every day for nearly weeks on end it is kind of a let down to now be doing other things. Anyway, Monday we hit the ground running.

Grace started back doing most of her school work on Monday. Not a complete full load but close. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday she did history, math, science, and Bible. The only thing missing right now is Spanish and Literature which will begin next Thursday. Then the writing class will begin in three weeks. All in all everything went well and she is mostly working independently on everything. I think so far the only subject it is taking some time to get used to is Biology because it is a research based type of program. For the first week going into it blind though I think she did an awesome job.

Still loving the American History program by Dave Raymond.

She has begged for months to color her hair black and add either purple or blue tips to it. We comprised and currently she got the black which she is very happy about.

We also received another wig in the mail this week for her Birthday Party business. This one will go with her Belle costume that should be here around the first of September.

Grace spent some time working on portraits. During the performances she did a couple of the kids in the play but we didn't get any pictures of them.

We took Thursday off to run errands and catch our breath. Looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend with a girls day out tomorrow. I almost forgot, Cooperative started back this week also. It was a good but chaotic first day. I think drama will be great. We have 11 skits to memorize, block and work into a vaudeville type show for Christmas. Lots of work but also lots of fun.

Weekly Wrap-Up

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