Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Happened to Trim Healthy Mama

Well it started with straying one time a week then that turned into two times a week and then the rest was history. We did so well for almost five months and ended up losing 10 pounds each along with many inches. It is so easy for the SAD (Standard American Diet) just weave it's way back into your life. Most of your friends and family are not on THM so if you go to eat at their house then your off plan. For some reason all "going out" or "getting together" seems to revolve around food. It got to the point that every time we walked into a grocery store we were spouting off what we missed eating until quite frankly we couldn't take it anymore. Here comes the big "but" (no pun intended) after eating off plan for 4 - 6 weeks I feel gross. Tired, not sleeping as well and exhausted. I know that no exercise is playing a part in this as well.

So here is the plan. Now that we are back on somewhat of a regular schedule I hope to put us back on THM 80 percent of the time. Once or twice a week we will cheat to keep our sanity, especially Grace. She doesn't understand why so many girls and women out there can eat what they want and stay stick thin. For all the girls like Grace it can be frustrating.

Breakfast and dinner today will be on plan for both of us. Lunch unfortunately was not and I already feel bad about it. Not eating right and not exercising for the last 4-6 weeks has reeked havoc on my body. Exhausted!!! No energy!!! There is definitely truth to the information that if you put the wrong fuel in your body your body will start rebelling. Starting over again at least 2 on plan meals a day with the third being a cross over, but not fast food. day at a time......will get us through.


Unknown said...

It happens- don't feel too guilty! You are back on track and it's a brand new day! Proud of you!

adailey said...

My 16 year old has been picking up the plan just from what I have been doing...and she has lost about 20 pounds just on her own. I do have some off plan food in the house--feeding the other kids requires that they get the cheap crackers and such--but it has been really neat to me to see my daughter make good choices on her own. I do not miss the old foods I used to eat...and if I do, then I just find a THM version instead! You can do it! And remember, in three hours, you get to start over. :)