Monday, August 4, 2014

Choosing Classes Outside of the Home

Grace has gotten to the point where she enjoys classes outside of the home. Classmates of the same age, classes I can't teach, and teachers that she loves all fall under the reasons why this year we have chosen three outside of the home classes - at least for the first semester. As you maneuver through this home school thing people come across your path that you really want your child to spend more time around. Usually these are people that can offer your child different insights on subjects that you personally could not give them for one reason or another. This year Grace has selected Spanish I and II, Analytical Literature, and an Intensive Writing class. The Spanish I and II will last all year with a teacher we love and respect and have taken classes from before. The Intensive Writing class is being taught by a woman we met through the King and I play. She is wonderful and I really feel like Grace could learn a lot from her in the writing department. This individual is a freelance writer with articles in various magazines and our local newspaper as well as experience in teaching language arts in the local middle school. The writing class will focus on one research paper and one narrative writing. Starting in September Grace will go to her house one day a week for 8 weeks, 2 1/2 hours each time to work with 4-6 other students on writing. What thrills me the most is that Grace loves her too and wanted to take this class. It was just something that I assigned to her to take.

Of course I can't forget that Grace is also taking classes at the Cooperative in Drama, Current Events, Painting, and Geography (Mapping the World with Art). So two days of the week will be eaten up with classes outside of our home. That leaves only three days a week to focus on homework from the other classes, Biology, American History, Personal Finance, and Bible. She will definitely need to work harder on her time management skills.

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