Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Independent Work On All our Parts

This week found each of us working very independently. We all had tasks that needed to be accomplished. Hubby had lots of loads of wood to unload and stack with more on the way next week. This is the first time in 13 years that we have had to purchase wood for the winter. With hubby working two jobs (his real job and tattooing) he is only home two days a week and that schedule has been the same for over a year. This doesn't leave much time for cutting down trees and seasoning the wood like we have done in the past. So much of his free time was spent working with wood and helping me a little at Cooperative.

New review product for the next six weeks - Fix It Grammar
My independent study time was devoted to lesson planning, writing two reviews that were due this week, cleaning the house, meal planning, reading and Cooperative business. I failed miserably at working one of my hobbies back into my down time. Mostly because I have been watching to much television, The Killing on Netflix to be exact.
We have gotten back on the exercise bandwagon and both me and Grace have tried to do something active every other night. This is a process and after not exercising for six weeks my body isn't wanting to cooperate. It is hard to get back in the groove. It is true what they say about making exercise a habit, and making anything a habit takes about two weeks.
With Grace growing up and starting 10th grade a couple of weeks ago I have had to come to a couple of realizations. One - these years just roll by way too fast. Two - she doesn't really need my help anymore with her school work. She takes everything into her room and every once in a while I will get a call or text message for a clarification of what to do then I don't see her for a few hours. It makes me sad that I am not as involved in her learning for this year as the past 8 years. I should be proud though that she can do it and that is the road I am trying to take at this point.
This week in history Grace started the fifth chapter in Dave Raymond's American History. This chapter involves information concerning the reformational colonies. In science she is learning mitosis, meiosis, transcription, DNA, RNA, and cell reproduction. She is so ready to get past the study of cells and into more human body information. Grace continues to watch CNN Student News each morning and I am so bumming that I don't get to watch it with her. Last year it truly was the highlight of each school day. She started the Bible over from the beginning and is reading a chapter from Genesis each day. In personal finance Grace read about filling out a resume and cover letter then did her own. She also reviewed some basic fraction problems in her map skills review workbook. This week Grace attended her first classes with Ms. Christy (Spanish and Literature). Grace loves the first book, The Outsiders. I knew she would as I loved it the first time I read it in middle school. I told her after she finished the book we could watch the movie off of Amazon from the 80s. Spanish is the class that is probably going to kick us in the gut each week. Lots of vocabulary words to learn and copy multiple times. This is an accelerated class which means she will get through two years of Spanish in one year - then we are done with foreign language requirements. Grace came to me a few days ago and was very stressed about the extra writing class we had signed her up to take. She felt with the other two classes outside of the home that it would be too much work on her. At first I was very bummed because I really wanted her to have this experience with this particular teacher, but the more work I see from the other classes I think she made a very grown up decision. Grace is also currently getting ready for an art show in October and finished a piece of Medusa this past week. I forgot to get a picture but will soon. The choice of Medusa may seem odd but the theme of the show is Myths and Legends so that kind of explains it in a nutshell.

All in all a very busy week for everyone in the household. Now to veg out over the week and get as many naps in as possible.

Weekly Wrap-Up


Unknown said...

Y'all have been so busy!!! Can't wait for our book club meeting!

Loving Learning said...

Enjoy the rest over the weekend.

Sandra said...

Lots going on at your place this week! Miss 13 does most of her work by herself but I'm glad she still lets me join her for some of it. Mr 16 would rather do all his alone. I'm not really looking forward to being forced into retirement!